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Quick Overview

  • Continuous wave which is smooth, simple and elegant
  • Sheer curtain works great in combination with block-out roller blind
  • They have less stack-back which gives you more light
  • Lower maintenance time and cost 
  • Wide range of fabrics 

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‘S’ fold curtains hang under the track, stacked neat they form an ‘S’ shape as name suggests. Using a 25mm tape which is stitched to flat hammed panels of fabric and attached to the track by master carriers that butt together. They are sleek and subtle and they add modern appearance with gently and continuously folded fabric from beginning to the end.  Folds look identically beautiful inside and outside and are great for commercial and residential installations.

Fitted on ceiling they will add height and elegance to every room and give you floor to ceiling coverage. They can also be attached on the wall or the architraves. When it comes to drop, you need to consider what will look better in your existing or future setting, will they hang just under the window ledge, touching the floor or ‘breaking’ over the floor. S fold curtain stack back to the very ends of the track which means you won’t need a lot longer track then the size of your window to completely stack curtain beside the window, exposing more glass allowing more light to come in.

Maintenance and cleaning is much lower than with other tracks. S fold curtains, when taken off the carriers, are straight which makes laundering, cleaning and pressing simpler and less costly. Once they are clean and dry, you simply snap them back on the carriers and they just fall into lovely, soft, natural folds as before.

Tracks come in white, black, pearl silver and light cocoa. 

Spot on blinds and shutters S fold curtains


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