Double Roller Blinds

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Quick Overview

  • Roller blinds are an affordable, practical and versatile
  • Screen fabric for day use and block-out fabric for night privacy on a double bracket
  • Easy to use and operate 
  • Roller blinds are only as wide as your window, minimal space – maximum view
  • Easy care and maintenance 
  • Help to keep heat out in summer and keep the warmth in during winter

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If you like the sleek minimalist look of roller blinds but desire extra privacy and protection, dual roller blinds combine two separate roller blinds into one convenient system. One transparent blind enables you to take in views while screening UV rays and peeking eyes, while the second block-out blind creates full coverage that is perfect for night time.

These unified dual blind systems are built to fit neatly into the width of your windows, maximising the sense of spaciousness in any room and blending seamlessly with existing décors. They also add fresh, fashionable appeal in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Mix and match the textured layers to create a statement with your own personal decorative stamp.


  • Screen fabrics – diffuse the light to give you a clear view through the window with privacy during the day.  Transparent fabrics are ideal for living areas, where glare protection and light control are often important considerations.
  • Translucent (or light filtering) fabrics offer greater privacy, particularly during the day.  Translucent fabrics are perfect for living areas, by providing privacy and UV protection while light is gently filtered into the room.
  • Block-out (or blackout) fabrics block out the light and give you complete privacy.  By effectively minimising light penetration, block-out fabrics offer the maximum possible protection from heat, glare and UV.


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