Cassette Blockout Systems Blinds

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Quick Overview

  • Cassette block-out system includes 90x90mm top box and 50x20mm side and bottom channels
  • Wide range of block-out materials to choose from
  • Increase light control, insulation & conceal hardware underneath
  • Cost effective way to give you complete block-out of light
  • Great for kids who can’t sleep, shift workers or theatre rooms
  • Can have up to 3 blinds in the one cassette all with side channels making it a great option for large windows

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Cassette block-out system blinds are designed to provide complete block-out in any room and are therefore perfect for home theatres, photographic rooms, children’s bedrooms, or for shift workers who need to sleep during the day.

These blinds can be installed using the cassette box only or the side channels can be added for total block out.

Measurement of Cassette Blackout system – the width you specify will include the side covers and the drop is from top of cover to bottom of the bottom channel.

Cassette Blackout System colours. Cassette colours are Anodised, White and Black.

Cassette Blackout System Sizes. Minimum size of cassette is 400mm wide by 400mm High. The maximum width we recommend is 3200mm and a drop of 2700mm and linked blinds up to 5.5mts in width.

The top cassette is 90mm by 90mm. The side channel and bottom channel are 50mm wide and 20mm thick.

Standard finish on bottom of blind is pocket with a steel lathe inert for quiet operation.

Can be left or right controlled. Can be motorized. Low noise. 100% Blackout.

There are many more benefits to using Cassettes & Side Channels on your roller blinds…


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