External Roller Shutters

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Quick Overview

  • Long term investment
  • Save on energy bills and maximise security
  • Can cover any window, door, patio or counter
  • 4-5 weeks delivery time
  • 10 year warranty on shutter profiles, guides and pelmet boxes
  • 1 year warranty on manual, battery and electronic and 5 year warranty on electric control

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With tough, interlocking aluminium slats coated in fade-resistant enamel, roller shutters offer a deep sense of style and security while allowing you to bring in the light of the sun and enjoy your privacy at night.

Roller shutters keep your home insulated, quiet and protect your furniture, carpets and keepsakes from the fading effects of the sun. Our quality shutters help both your air conditioning and heating system working more efficiently and effectively.

Roller Shutters are constructed of horizontal aluminium slats that are linked together and attached to an axle that is housed in a head box mounted onto the exterior of your property. These slats are raised and lowered via vertical side tracks.

Method of operation we offer are removable crank handle (Pull strap if space is an issue), battery powered motor with built in control feature and electric powered motor that is controlled by means either of a wall switch or a remote control.

10-year warranty on shutter profiles, guides and pelmet boxes, 1 year warranty on manual controls, batteries and electronics and a 5 year replacement warranty on all electric motors.


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